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Pearls And Shells

Tahitian Pearls

Koko Val Hawaiʻi features luxurious Tahitian Pearl and shells jewelry pieces which are true gifts derived from nature.

The Tahitian Pearl and shells is an organic gem formed by the Black-lip pearl oyster which is farmed in French Polynesia. These extravagant and beautiful pearls have become some of the most sought-after and most expensive pearls in the world.

A true black Tahitian pearl is extremely rare and is often referred to as black, but has a remarkable color range that covers the spectrum from dark grey, dark green, dark purple to completely black.
Most importantly, its color is formed naturally. Each pearl is a product of nature which makes the Tahitian Pearl so unique and valuable.
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Hawaiian Jewelry | Koko Val Hawaii

Hawaiian Sunrise Shells

Koko Val Hawaiʻi offers exclusive sunrise shell jewelry as well as pearl and shells handmade on the island of Oʻahu by internationally recognized diver and artist Karen Sawicki with Flotsam & Co. Jewelry. The 24kt gold electroplating technique is a signature item, as Karen was the first to develop this unparalleled way to set shells and stones in an organic setting.

This technique, normally used with precious stones and gems, gives found objects new life and highlights the beauty in these natural elements.
Sunrise shells, often referred to as “Hawaiiʻs Diamonds” are shells from a type of small scallop and are found in remote locations in deep waters (100+ feet) off the Hawaiian coast. They can only be found in Hawaii which makes them so special. Sunrise Shells are unique in its original sunrise color and stunning detail and never stained or painted.

Opihi Shells

Luxury Opihi pearl and shells jewelry pieces are one of a kind and created by talented Hawaiian artist Lisa Stevenson, who is also a passionate diver. Hawaiian Opihi shells are limpets that cling onto rocks along Hawaii’s beautiful coastline. Our featured Opihi shells are found along shorelines, cleaned, encased in 24k gold, and strung onto a 14k gold-filled chain.

Don’t let the size of these shells fool you- they are tenacious little ones that cling onto rocks along Hawaiian coastlines, which serve to protect and nurture them. Locals sometimes refer to their keiki (children) as opihis, because of their similar desires to want to ‘stick’ to their mothers, latching onto their source of safety and life.
Hawaiian Jewelry | Koko Val Hawaii

All jewelry components in our shop are ethically found and no sea life is ever harmed.

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